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The Persuaders is a weekly marketing and media programme that is broadcast on special interest radio station
Dublin City FM. The Persuaders is hosted by Alex Gibson, with a little help from my friends.

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The Persuaders Marketing Podcast

5 April 2014 02:39pm

An interview with keynote speaker at the inaugural Augmented Reality Marketing Conference, taking place in Dublin on April 15th, 2014 - Mike Halstead. Mike  is Managing Director of HH&S Group has more than 30+years in promotional marketing. He has a track record of employing new technology into tried and tested promotional mechanics. He Joined Saatchi & Saatchi in 1981 as a graduate recruit and in 1983 moved over to the newly created Saatchi below-the –line marketing agency The Sales Promotion Agency, becoming Group Account Director on British Airways account.

In 1987 he founded a new sales promotion agency HH&S Group with Associated Newspapers, Pepsi and Pizza Hut amongst the first clients. Associated Newspapers is still a client after 27 years. Developed one of the early TXT2WIN
In 2007 Mike created the digital consultancy m2end specialising in Augmented Reality.
Clients include Volvo, Turner CNN, Royal Mail and Marston’s.

Mike’s presentation will be on Augmented Reality and Sales Promotion.
A new channel for tried and tested SP mechanics
A perfect match. AR, new digital technology channel with lots of functionality, a little misunderstood but bags of “hyped” potential and Sales Promotion the established, much used and abused, tried and tested, always looking for a new suit to reinvent itself. The backbone of many a brand and marketing campaign. Is this a good match? Does this relationship have the staying power or just another one night fling?

23 March 2014 05:12pm

In this podcast we have an extended interview with Veronica Canning who has just published Your Brand: Advance Your Career by Building a Personal Brand. We discuss the process of managing one's personal brand and the pitfalls involved.

Also there is a phone interview with Eoin Wrixton from Wide Eye Media ( formerly Carlton Screen Advertising); we discuss the cinema advertising market in Ireland and also the impact that digital technology is having on the sector.

Finally we get a chance to hear what must be Ireland's youngest marketing professionals Adam Barry who is responsible for promotion of an innovative app

Pictured are Adam Barry with Veronica Canning

13 March 2014 11:16pm

In this podcast two interviews...firstly with Marino Fresch, Head of Marketing at Eventbrite who provide software for both paid and unpaid event planners, and in-studio is Stephen Dunn, Group Sales Director for Brand Connections Global.  Stephen discusses the airplane table-top advertising market - a fascinating opportunity for adverisers to connect with a captive we are happy to be media sponsors for Augmented Reality Marketing Conference taking place in Dublin on April 15th...more details in the podcast.

22 February 2014 01:37pm

In this interview presenter Hugh Hick interviews Damian Mulley from Mulley Communications who comments on the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook

Alex Gibson interviews Kara Maher ( from Frock n Fabulous ) about the marketing strategy for high-end fashion boutique rentals and, at the end of the show, Hugh Hick  talks to  David Glynn about how an Online Marketing Awards  is celebrating digital marketing excellence in Galway.

18 February 2014 07:58pm

An interview with the founders of Joe Mitchell CEO and Kathryn Tunney CMO about this new app which promises to link the worlds of social media and local consumption.


Also Eoin Clarke from talks about the Irish Broadband Awards which they have just announced as title sponsors.

15 February 2014 02:25pm

A preview of the forthcoming DMX Dublin 2014  Digital Marketing Conference. Guest presenter Colin Lewis interviews two of the speakers. 

Tessa Barrera is the current Head of Social Media for Lexis, the Recommendation Agency where she works on creating online and offline conversation for brands to increase their reach.Prior to joining Lexis, Tessa was the Global Head of Social Media at Red Bull. She was responsible for the creation of both global and local market social media strategies in 165 countries, with a focus on building engaging and interactive social and digital activities across all parts of the company.  She oversaw close working relationships with all the major social media channels and Red Bull’s properties to drive constant innovation in line with new developments.

Ian Bolton is MD of  who promote fashion related items on a timed limited basis. Teebusters works with designers from all over the world, to create a community that selects the designs that are promoted for sale. 2013 was Teebuster’s first complete year of trading, developing a set of fanatical followers very quickly, establishing a network of designers worldwide and now selling to 42 countries. 


23 December 2013 04:05pm

In the review of 2013 - The Marketing Year, I've telephone interviews with top US marketing author, consultant and commentator, Joseph Jaffe - whose latest book is Z.E.R.O. - and communications consultant Margaret E.Ward from ClearInk. In studio I'm joined by branding specialist Gerard Tannam from Islandbridge Brand Direction.

Our discussion is a broad ranging treatment of the highs and lows of the year. We discuss some of the celebrated marketing faux-pas of the year, as well as some case-studies of companies who got it right.

Among the examples and points discussed: 

Melt Bar and Grill

Why the 'Next Best Thing' is not the most important thing

Instagram Direct

Oreo Superbowl Tweet

Beyonce's unconventional album release

Nike - The Data Company

Keogh's Irish Crisps - the story of the potato field

Pantene's Anti-Sexism Adverts

15 December 2013 01:42pm

In this podcast interviews with:

Paula Mc Carthy, Branded Content, TV3 Group, who talks about the media sponsorship deal that TV3 have struck with Brennans Bread to cover their Christmas movie line-up.

Clare Dunne, President Irish Travel Agents Association and MD Travel Broker, talks about the trends in the travel agent market

Conor Lynch: Connector 360 is interivewed about a specially developed app that his company have developed to encourage more people to give to charities at Christmas...

8 December 2013 07:08am

An extended interview with CEO of  - Alan Clarke - Alan was formerly Head of Gaming at Paddypower.  Homestay was established by Tom Kennedy, one of the co-founders of the major player in hostel bookings, Hostelworld. Kennedy's masterplan is to put a similar booking and organisational structure on the massively fragmented home-stays market. This is where people come and stay in other people's houses for a fee. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the entire tourism and accommodation space. In our interview I discuss the parallels between the homestay and hostel markets, as well as the broader marketing strategy and segmentation in the homestay sector.

I am also joined by new arrival to Dublin's digital markeitng scene - Ivan Ariel. Ivan, who works for Connector 360,  is a Brazilian national with extensive experience in developing websites and social media strategy in his native country. He shares some case-studies from the Brazilian market in the cosmetics sector.

9 November 2013 07:29pm

Interview with Mathijs Gajentaan, Chief Commercial Officer at twnkls -Dutch Augmented Reality specialists based in Rotterdam. In our interview we define Augmented Reality and discuss how it is seen as an increasingly attractive technology for marketers to engage audiences. We discuss a number of case studies where AR has been developed.

In-studio I am joined by two of the Interactive Direct Marketing Association council members Colin Stoddard and Dave Furney who will be discussing a survey that the IDMA are currently running. They also discuss developments in Ireland's direct marketing sector.

Persuaders' Marketing Picks

12 September 2011 08:29am

Where’s the future for daily deal sites? The landscape is certainly shifting, what with the introduction of Google Offers and the speculation about Groupon’s going public. Has it had its heyday – I know I’m tiring of receiving three to four emails a day – or is there plenty more steam in the engine?

Lab42 have researched that there are as many as 660 live deal sites, with more springing up daily, making for a competitive market place. Groupon’s growth has been astronomical, but, now reaching 115 million users, it has seen a decline in web traffic since July 2011. Lab42 surveyed 500 daily deals users on how they use the sites and have helpfully created this nifty infographic to answer a few question.

2 September 2011 11:56am




Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Damon O’Leary
Senior Copywriter: Ben Pegler
Creative Group Head / Art Director: Darran Wong Kam
Retoucher: Dan Spataru
Typographer: Chris Leskovsek
Account manager: Ben Hopkinson

12 August 2011 09:29am


“Should’ve gone to Specsavers Frankton”

Advertising Agency: Smart, Australia
Creative Director: Annie Price
Art Director: Ben Clarke
Copywriter: Tristan Graham
Retouching: Visual Thing
Published: June 2011

12 August 2011 09:28am




“Take a shave-cation. A whole weekend away from your razor.”

Advertising Agency: JWT, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Peter Nicholson
Executive Creative Director: Sarah Barclay
Creative Directors: Billy Faraut
Art Director: Yangjie (Jay) Wee, Kirstin Roquemore
Copywriters: Alexis Reid, Tiffany Appleton
Planner: Jason de Turris
Director of Integrated Production: Clair Grupp
JWT Director of Brand Production: Matt Anderson
Print Producer: Dana Pettit
Art Buyer: Richard Cardinali
Account Executives: Claire Capeci, Ariel Stern, Monica Lewin, Jeff Branz
Photographer: Chris Clor
Retoucher: Chris Clor, Traian Stanescu
Media Agency: MEC

10 August 2011 11:00am

“Baby wake up call. Panasonic Baby Monitor.”

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Copywriter: Lucas Antunes
Art Director: Daniel Corrêa

28 July 2011 08:00am

What determines whether a damaged brand has reached a tipping point from which it cannot recover?

One of the remarkable facts of brand equity is its persistence. A strong brand can withstand almost anything. The Apple and Harley-Davidson brands survived years of shoddy unimaginative products and are now among the strongest brands. The AT&T brand suffered from decades of terrible service, yet is now probably the strongest brand in its space. Incredible.

However, some brands do not recover easily. The GM brand was tarnished by the mismanagement of the 80s and parts of the 90s. According to Bob Lutz in his book Car Guys vs. Bean Counters, its sullied reputation lingered for decades. Even in the last few years the media ascribed an inability to design quality cars that objectively was not justified. The Audi sudden-acceleration problem exposed in a 60 minutes piece in 1986 tarnished its brand. Even though according to the CEO of Ford (in a private conversation), Audi had…

Continue reading…

1 June 2011 04:41pm
Shared by Persuaders
A great evening indeed and one that I and Michael Clyne from Path Pacific were delighted to help Livestream to the global creative community.

Marvellous. Bloody marvellous. How can you not love it when an idea catches fire and enough people see enough potential that they’ll invest enough time and energy to make it fantastic? Portfolio Night is just such a beastie. Ogilvy have hosted it twice in Dublin now, and very smart they are for doing so.

60 aspiring creatives were baring portfolios and souls to the well meaning but unyielding rigours of two dozen of the town’s top creative directors. Each young creative’s book benefitted from three 15-minute deep dives with three CDs, and the open spaces of Ogilvy’s beautiful building were used to wonderful effect, intense huddles everywhere you looked. The early atmosphere was beautifully balanced: relaxed and friendly sage advice meets huge dollops of youthful anxiety. It is after all probably the one occasion on the calendar when CDs can rub shoulders and enjoy each other’s company without the intense competition that awards shows bring.

The presence of so many digital agencies on the night cements the importance of Portfolio Night across disciplines. I spotted reps from Cybercom, Bluecube and Eighty Twenty lending their expertise to the newbies. ICAN’s Ian McFarlane said digital content was both improved and increased on last year’s event. It was heartening to see digital education represented by IAPI and DIT as well. Their joint Aungier Street postgraduate diploma in advertising and digital communications, also in its second year, is starting to get noticed by prospective employers. (As I oh-so-casually mention that, I should also disclose that I’m one of those involved on the lecturing side of the course.)

This is the ninth year of the Portfolio Night project, dreamed up by Toronto-based It happened in 30 cities simultaneously, which is a fairly cool thing, on my highly scientific scale of coolness. Locally, the whole evening was livestreamed to the world by Alex Gibson of Persuaders marketing blog and broadcast fame. Dublin’s second year has set a particularly high standard and I’m beginning to suspect that JP Donnelly (below) et al are glad they snagged this little annual creative corner.

1 June 2011 11:28am

“Taste the good old days.”

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris
, France
Art Director: Philippe Boucheron
Copywriter: Patrice Lucet
Assistant Ad : Antoine Dezes-Richard
Chief creative Officer: Olivier Altmann

Creative Director: Fabrice Delacourt, Olivier Desmettre

Photographer: Hervé Plumet
Art Buyer : Soone Riboud
Retouching: Adrien Blanchat/Benjamin Bastide
Production: Organic

1 June 2011 09:15am

Advertising Agency: Dare, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
Art Director: Eric Arnold
Copywriter: Jarrod Banadyga
Published: May 2011

31 May 2011 09:14am

“Nokia N8 now with panorama.”

Adverising Agency: JWT, Gurgaon, India
Chief Creative Officer_ Adrian Miller
Executive Creative Director_ Priti Kapur
Creative Director: Anupama Ramaswamy, Simran Sahni
Art Director: Nishit Shankar
Copywriter: Amish Sabharwal